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LegiX is the market leader in legal databases and the system of choice for the largest law firms operating in Portugal.

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With more than 3 million documents, the LegiX databases are the largest collection of processed and updated legal documents available on the market.

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Com uma interface centrada na pesquisa, o LegiX está acessível em qualquer dispositivo (computador, portátil, tablet ou smartphone), em qualquer lugar.


LegiX, the market leader in legal databases, is now a fully cloud-based service, which gives you universal access from any system (desktop, laptop or mobile device) or operating system (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS...). * As long as there is Internet access, the user has access to the entire LegiX collection.

* LegiX can be installed on your own server. Contact us to find out more.


With no software or apps to install, LegiX can be used from a browser on any device, operating system or screen size.


LegiX has evolved constantly over more than 25 years and is both powerful and simple to use, even for casual users.


The same search engine allows direct searches in the DR, the JORAA, the JORAM, the IGFEJ's legal and documentary bases and the European Commission's documentary base.

Advanced Search

Thanks to innovations in the field of natural language, when you search for something you don't need to format your search criteria 100% exactly

The power of the Cloud

LegiX benefits from more than two decades of research and development by Priberam in the field of natural language. In practice, this means that when you search for something, you don’t have to format your search criteria 100% exactly: the system recognises when you write “Article” in full or in abbreviation and, in many cases, all you have to do is put in the number of the article you’re looking for! In other words: instead of asking the user to try to understand how LegiX works, LegiX has evolved to understand how the user works and to offer relevant results.

LegiX presents a search interface that has been completely redesigned based on paradigms that are now familiar to all technology users, such as search engines, mobile device interfaces, e-commerce platforms and social networks, among others. We have also used icons and symbols that you already know and that give access to predictable functionalities for a programme that is even easier to use and offers more relevant results, more quickly.

LegiX doesn’t just present what you’re looking for quickly and easily. It offers you hyperlinks to related information so that you can increase your productivity exponentially and find all the information you need more easily. A particularly powerful feature is the indication of versions of the same law, so you don’t have to rely on a law that has since been repealed. And speaking of searching for related information, LegiX offers all this ease of use not only for its databases, but also for other important collections to which it gives direct and integrated access, such as the DR, the JORAA, the JORAM, the IGFEJ, the Labour and Employment Bulletin and the European Commission’s document base.

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We combine a thorough expertise of human generated texts analysis (natural language processing) with artificial intelligence through machine learning and deep learning to achieve state-of-the-art results.

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Priberam is the world’s leading supplier of natural language processing and search technologies for the portuguese language and the market leader in law knowledge management systems in Portugal..

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