Media Intelligence


Media Intelligence

Make better business decisions based on information analysed in real time from the web, social media and more.

Helping you to decide

Complement the information inside your organization with information generated and published outside to analyze trends, carry competitive intelligence or measure your performance.

Real time monitoring

Regardless of the data you are monitoring, make sure your organization is always ahead of the curve so you can respond quickly and effectively.

Advanced text analytics

Artificial intelligence-based language tools extract meaningful data from monitored sources to empower organizations with knowledge that could have been missed otherwise.

Multiple Sources

Different types of monitoring sources can be used according to the monitoring goals: news, social media, scientific publications, laws and regulations, technology sites, patents, etc.

Multilingual sources

Organizations acting in a global market have to monitor sources in multiple markets across many languages.

Priberam currently participates in two R&D projects to advance the state-of-the-art in media intelligence.


SUMMA integrates stream-based media processing tools (including speech recognition and machine translation) with deep language understanding capabilities (including entity linking and multidocument summarization), to provide a monitoring platform capable of dealing with large volumes of data across many languages and different media types. The use cases are from BBC Monitoring and Deutsche Welle.


The main goal of project INSIGHT is the market validation of a platform for technology intelligence (or technology watch) and horizon scanning. These two processes, although with different goals, consist in the systematic capture, analysis, selection and dissemination of information to support the strategic decision making in a company or organization. Embraer will test the platform in the aerospace industry.

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