The growing population aging with multimorbidity (MM) is a problem to the sustainability of the healthcare sector. MM is typically associated with high healthcare usage and costs, which do not always translate into better outcomes for patients. Consequently, there is a need to develop new tools to manage this condition.


Patient centric solution

The IntelligentCare project aims to develop a patient centric solution to manage MM condition using analytical methods to explore data from the electronic health records (EHR) and the measures reported remotely by the patients, related to outcomes (PROMs) and to life events/quality of life/physical activity, named as additional value variables (AVVs), using smart sensors and mobile solutions.

Value based healthcare framework

Under the value based healthcare framework, the project will develop methods to achieve three main goals: (1) early signalization and characterization of patients with MM using the EHR and PROMs/AVVs (MM phenotypes), (2) identification of personalized clinical pathways for each cluster based on evidence (approach “patients like me” and not “one fits all”) and (3) based on the patient value vision, monitoring and prediction of hospital interactions combining EHR data with PROMs/AVVs reported systematically.


Advanced analytical algorithms

To achieve these goals research will be conducted in advanced analytical algorithms, particularly deep learning methods, in order to fully explore EHR data (structured and unstructured), PROMs and AVVs. This is an innovative approach to evaluate the MM condition by introducing the concept of value to the patient (patient centric) in the process of characterization and prediction of patient interactions with the hospital.

Methodologies to improve patient outcomes

Consequently, the IntelligentCare project will add value with methodologies to improve patient outcomes with MM, evaluating the healthcare delivery using PROMs/AVVs and, based on patient risk scores, contribute to hospital resources optimization, moving towards value based healthcare.

Project sheet

Designação do projeto | IntelligentCare — Intelligent Multimorbidity Management System
Código do projeto | LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-045948
Objetivo principal | Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação
Região de intervenção | Lisboa
Entidade beneficiária | GLSMED Learning Health, S.A. (líder)
Priberam Informática, S.A.
Hospital da Luz, S.A.
Instituto Superior Técnico
Data de aprovação | 24-01-2020
Data de início | 01-04-2020
Data de conclusão | 30-06-2023
Custo total elegível | 2.554.042,26 EUR
Apoio financeiro da União Europeia | FEDER – 1.127.277,22 EUR
Apoio financeiro público nacional | 409.478,02 EUR