NextGenAI - Center for Responsible AI

This project aims to create the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products based on Responsible AI technologies. To this end, the Center for Responsible AI was set up, composed of 25 renowned business and R&ID system partners, ensuring the entire innovation cycle, from the R&D phase to the commercialization phase, in order to place the country and Europe at the forefront of this field.

Fair and transparent

We are committed to building AI products that help us build a more equal society.


Developing AI algorithms that need less computing power, and are more sustainable.


AI will not replace humans - it’s a tool that can make us better. We are working to make AI more explainable and trustworthy.
Project sheet

Acrónimo: NextGenAI
Ficheiro: Ficha de Projeto.pdf
Objetivo principal:
Criar um Centro de IA Responsável.
Referência: 2022-C05i0102-02
Data de início: 01-10-2021
Data de fim: 31-12-2025

Custo total elegível | 3 962 390,49 €

Incentivo | 2 795 758,71 €

Building AI products that are fair, simple, and clean

Promoting fairness and social responsibility in AI systems

Develop fair AI systems that detect and reduce bias and negative impacts to protected groups, and that are used in socially responsible ways.

Improving trust with transparent and fair AI

Develop explainable AI systems that explain decisions to people, and learn interactively with humans, in trustworthy, transparent, and human-centered ways, improving both models and people's lives over time.

Ensuring efficiency and sustainability in AI systems

Develop automated, accessible, and efficient AI systems, easier to maintain, monitor, upgrade, control, and scale with energy efficient and sustainable cloud resources.

Fostering Responsible AI awareness and education

Develop long lasting practices, activities, or events such as the Responsible AI Forum.

Innovating fundamental research in Responsible AI

Develop fundamental research innovations in those dimensions of Responsible AI.

Impactful application of Responsible AI in product development

Develop products and services leveraged by these applied research innovations, that implement Responsible AI in practice, producing significant impact in the economy.

Nurturing world-class talent in Responsible AI

Attract, train, and retain top world-level talent in Responsible AI.

Advocating for Responsible AI usage for digital transformation and data privacy

Develop responsible uses of AI, such as the ones that promote intelligent digital transformation, democratization of access to information and services, safekeeping of data privacy, or compliance with best practices