LxMLS is an annual summer school, held since 2011, dedicated to the topics of machine learning and natural language processing. It has been co-organized by Instituto Superior Técnico, Instituto de Telecomunicações, and the Spoken Language Systems Lab – L2F of INESC-ID. The target are researchers and graduate students in the fields of NLP and Computational Linguistics
Our researchers at Priberam Labs have actively participated in the organization of LxMLS, the Lisbon Machine Learning School.

Google and Priberam are some of the sponsors

Every year, LxMLS has among its set of lecturers the top researchers in the field, and counts with more than 100 participants worldwide. If you’re curious, you can find videos of some of the past lectures here. Since the first edition, the school has had the support of Google (the main sponsor) and has also been sponsored by Priberam.

If you were wondering, “Lx” is a common abbreviation of “Lisbon”

LxMLS is directed at nearly-graduated master’s students, early-stage PhD students, and people from the industry. It includes tutorials on machine learning and its applications in natural language processing, as well as hands-on computer sessions.

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