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What are the Priberam Labs

When developing our products, we often find challenges which are unanswered by current scientific knowledge. This is where the Priberam Labs come into play! We look beyond the current state of technology and try to build the foundations for the future.
Our approach

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Our research team conducts applied and exploratory research in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing. Every day, we deal with challenging and stimulating problems, and use our creativity to design systems that learn from the data.

Our Goals Are

To push the boundaries of scientific knowledge

Transfer all our knowledge and investigation to our products.

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Scientific Computing meets AI

Fundamental Sciences and Engineering have been using numerical simulation methods for decades, accelerating the discovery of knowledge and the development of new technologies. At the same time, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning communities were busy developing methods that replicate … Read More

Featured Post

Exploring uncertainty in MT tasks with Conformal Prediction

As (large) language models find applications across an increasingly broad spectrum of tasks, the necessity for reliable confidence estimates—or uncertainty quantification (UQ)—on their predictions is critical. However, the selection of appropriate and efficient UQ methods presents a considerable challenge, particularly … Read More

Featured Post

From COMET to XCOMET: Transparent Machine Translation Evaluation through Fine-grained Error Detection

Coronary X-ray angiography is a crucial clinical procedure for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, which accounts for roughly 16% of global deaths every year. However, the images acquired in these procedures have low resolution and poor contrast, … Read More

Featured Post