Empowering large buildings with learning skills. How to use past measures to increase their usage efficiency and reduce consumptions

Energy efficiency is presently a buzzword that has created new challenges and opportunities over several markets and industries.

Buildings consumptions are known to be responsible for over 30% of the overall energy consumption in the world. Reducing facilities consumptions has been recently considered as a main priority no just because of the referred weight but also due to its optimization potential. In fact, unexpected collaborations like IBM and Cisco have recently been done just to deal with this subject and Google has its own task force.

In this talk it is firstly presented the way how consumptions are generically managed in facilities. Some techniques like data warehouse analysis, data-mining or machine learning are then considered to be used as tools to classify and quantify consumptions and ultimately define feedback strategies to buildings behavior.

Nuno Brás

Nuno Brás graduated in Physics Engineering in 2000 and worked in IT consulting companies during 4 years. He is finishing his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Instituto Superior Técnico, working with new solutions for tomographical imaging, namely developing instrumentation and measurement systems for Magnetic Induction Tomography. Nuno is a Co-founder of LMIT, a company focused on developing IT solutions for buildings and facilities management from Lisbon, Portugal.Instituto de Telecomunicações