Data Science, Machine Learning and AI: an IBM perspective

Since the first perceptron was implemented in an IBM 7042 to the success of Deep Blue against a human opponent and, more recently, IBM Watson’s victory on Jeopardy!, IBM has been intimately involved with the advancement of cognitive systems. With IBM Research exploring artificial intelligence and machine learning for decades the results are not limited to crucial theoretical advancements but exist as ready-to-use solutions that can be used by anyone in a variety of scenarios.

In this talk we will briefly review the road that has lead us to the current artificial intelligence boom and do a hands-on exploration of the portfolio of tools that IBM offers, from cognitive APIs that do visual recognition and text-to-speech to the Watson Data Platform for end-to-end data analysis, from well-known solution like SPSS to the integration of open toolkits with Data Science Experience and Watson Machine Learning.

Frederico Muñoz

Frederico Muñoz is an IBM Chief Architect with a diverse experience that includes Enterprise Architecture, programming and solution design. In recent years he has been increasingly active in projects that touch Smarter Cities, the Internet of Things and the development of cognitive solutions, both using IBM Watson technology and also the more general ecosystem that exists in terms of data science and machine learning. He is a member of the SPGI Technical Expert Council, studied Physics and holds a BA in Archaeology from the University of Lisbon.IBM