Challenges in Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

This talk will present the challenges for the research area known as aspect-based sentiment analysis. Sentiment Analysis (or Opinion Mining) is a field of study in Natural Language Processing that aims to extract and classify the sentiment orientation present in texts. Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) is a particular study of sentiment analysis focusing in the extraction of opinions directed to a specific target or aspect.
ABSA has gained a lot of attention and was popularized in the academic field with a dedicated shared task in the last three SemEval workshops (semantic evaluation competition). This talk will present the actual challenges and how are the state-of-art in terms of machine learning algorithms.

Pedro Balage

Pedro Balage is a researcher at Priberam and a PhD student from the University of São Paulo with his topic on Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. Pedro got his masters in Computational Linguistics by the program Erasmus Mundus International Masters in Natural Language Processing.Priberam