S7 (2015-2016)

Challenges in Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

This talk will present the challenges for the research area known as aspect-based sentiment analysis. Sentiment Analysis (or Opinion Mining) is a field of study in Natural Language Processing that aims to extract and classify the sentiment orientation present in … Read More

A Web Tool for Building Parallel Corpora of Spoken and Sign Languages

Sign languages are the main way of communication in the Deaf community and with the listening population. There are about 70 million deaf people and over 200 distinct sign languages in the world. Unfortunately, not all deaf know a sign … Read More

An adaptive methodology to predict daily consumption behaviour in water distribution systems

Water utilities can operate their systems at higher efficiencies when they are able to predict water consumption in the short and long terms. Baseform develops forward-thinking software for networked water infrastructures, including applications that use real time flow monitoring records … Read More

Robotic Motion Planning in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces

In this seminar I will present my work on trajectory optimization for robot motion planning in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces (RKHSs). Functional gradient algorithms are a popular choice for motion planning in complex many-degree-of-freedom robots. They work by directly optimizing … Read More

A trick for creating convex envelopes

The convex envelope of a function is its best convex approximation. Convex envelopes are important because they permit to approximate hard nonconvex optimization problems by easy convex ones. However, creating convex envelopes is more of an art than a science. … Read More

Automated Generation of Movie Tributes

This thesis’s purpose is to generate a movie tribute in the form of a videoclip for a given movie and music. A videoclip is considered to be a video containing the most important clips from the movie and a music … Read More

Video Summaries for Science Talks

Scientific talks range from conference presentations to lectures and documentaries. Even though some formats have high-grade content, such as lectures, their presentation is not always the most appealing. On the other hand, documentaries and other entertainment-driven programs can present consolidated … Read More

Data Mining for Decision-Making

Every day we generate large amounts of data. Just by going online or using our cell phones, we leave informative traces, the so called “digital breadcrumbs”, which can give away a lot of information about our individual actions, with obvious … Read More

Cross-lingual Document Classification

In natural language processing problems, we often encounter the situation where we don’t have enough data in the language we’re interested to build a model, but there is data for the same problem in another language. There has been a … Read More

Robust Classification with Context and Rejection

In some real-world applications of machine learning, despite the investments in the training of classification systems and in feature selection, misclassifications occur and their effects are critical. This is common in ill-posed classification problems, where overlapping classes, small or incomplete … Read More